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One big happy family tossing cabers around

Taster Sessions

There are two types of people in the world, those who have tossed a caber and those who have not. Come join the "Caber Club" and Be a Scot even if you're Not. You don't have to be Superman, Superwoman, or Superkid to enjoy the activity. Aaron is based in Gettysburg, PA, but can travel and bring the fun to you!


  • Digital Detox

  • Family Outing

  • Adventure Activity

  • Corporate Team Building

  • Bachelor & Bachelorette Party

  • Birthday Party

  • Festival

  • Occasions

A group of young Highlanders at Museumplein in Amsterdam, NL
Unplug Your Kiddo

Aaron works with Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts. As long as your wee one is over 5 years old and likes a challenge, we can promise they'll enjoy it.

Fun for all
No Age Limit

As long has you don't have injuries or physical limitations which keep you from bending over, running a short distance, or lifting things, there's no age limit to this fun activity.

Prices & Booking

Based on a Standard 2-hr Booking
(one coach)
Setup $300+

- Group of 1-3    = $85pp

- Group of 4-7  = $70pp
- Group of 8-10= $60pp
(two coaches)
- Group of 11-15  = $65pp
- Group of 14-17  = $60pp
(three coaches)
- Group of 18-20 = $70pp
* Larger Groups Upon Request

A young lass learning the caber toss
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